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Google analytics
Google analytics

Provide Google search console let's get started with it what precisely in the first place Google search console is all about earlier it was called a Google Webmaster tool. It was the name that was before was Google Webmaster tool it is now called a Google search console.
Google search console is the free tool from Google obviously it offers webmasters rules to Optimize the website. Google search console once you log in and submit your site where it provides you a wealth of information to Optimize your website and these features are emergency beneficial for the Webmaster. The site publishers to ensure that your site is called very well the site does not have any issues concerned with the broken is what kind of traffic is coming, whether the Google crawler or what is crawling the parsed perfectly or not. These are lot many features and benefits that Google provides in Google search console. It helps you monitor and maintain the website present in Google search results extremely important to make sure that your website appears in the top is of Google and it's completely Optimize it is error free and this information actually Google provide us. With Google search console why we need to use Google search console in the first place, you can access your content submit new content for calling and removing content you don't want to be shown in the search results. Whenever you are updating the website with new content with new pages you can submit those pages to Google, so that it becomes much easier for Google to crawl the stages and if you are removed or eliminate a deleted certain pages from your website you can submit the special so that Google will know that these pages are not existing on this website maintain yourself with minimum description for search performances, whenever there are issues and concerns happens more often than not when Google cross the website it find certain difficult is whether outside is available or not whether the pages are available on whether there any broken link.

 Google immediately inform you through an email which is an automated process whatever the email that you have registered on Google search console. Google intimate so you can keep on logging into your Google search console account and see what are the issues and concerns regarding the crawling that Google faces as per us visiting your website is concerned monitor and reserve main issues on your website you can also Malta the Grand issues concern challenges related to Malware and spam Google notified that keep your site feel from all the issues and concerns with queries cause yourself to appear in search results. The keyword that is actually people are using to come to the search engine and when the click on that link Google knows that in this is uses of come from so and so press and the most important thing what is the query what is the keyboard that type it won't come to your website is a mobile site performance well for the search engines and mobile. If your site is completely Optimize response for the mobile devices this information is also provided by Google in Google search console. Check what creating a Google search console in walls login to Google account which is the Google search console opened to verify that you are the owner of the requested by doing upload a file to the server. When you log in to Google account for the first time the Google search console to actually I create a registered your website their Google search console will request you a few things to do so that they can verify that you are the owner of the website or not, what you need to raise login to Google search console then and login, once you log in you, are to add a property When you add a property Google will provide you with a certain options like Google verification code for an HTML code, what you need to do is to verify your website whatever the code of the verification code that Google has provided you for your website. You can copy and paste that in the home page of your website so that Google will clear you to know that you are the owner of this website was the verification is done when you are actually using the Google search console add meta tag a website it can do a multiple options can use the verification code and HTML code use your Google and his tag manager to your account. You can integrate Google Analytics your Google search console AWS just the way you can integrate PPC campaigns AdWords to Google Analytics you can also integrate if you have a Google Analytics account that can be integrated with your Google search console account, so you're an existing Google Console search console wherein the complete information is available and you can see live how actually the page look like and what are the features it offers no this is actually a typical Google search console account Google search console. It has shown me of the message that they have a message that Google wants to convey to be Google was notified to me and these are some of the sites that are already registered in my Google search console account.

These are some of you can add multiple sites if you have multiple sets. One Google search console account you can add multiple sites just the way as it is so now here these are some of the sites that are already existing, here now what I can do is I can go to this particular site it and what is the information that Google is providing me for this particular site it has the messages the search of parents the traffic indexing crawling security issues all this information is what Google says right now is for that particular website, no errors detected in the last 90 days which is nice it means my eyesight is performing very well is search engine beside that it also provides me with a lot of information in terms of crawling.

If there are any crawling errors, it will show the crawling as what is the status how the information is face the URL parameter the complete information the site appearance structured data rich card so much of wealth of information is available. Now I can go guide to dashboard if I want to add a new website what I can do is, I can add a new website to this search engine also here if you see these are the existing sites available right now add a property means I can add a new website to already an existing Google search console account. Now if you do not have an existing you can just register with your Gmail account and the same to you will be displayed without any three of the shirt and this button add a property will this display for you what I had a property, basically means if you have to add a new site to Google search console what I do if I click on this and add a property Now what Google tells me is I have to add a new property that the type of property would like to manage I have to give site name. Here and whatever the site number give that will be added to Google search account. Let's say for example I will give a sample sites called as SPORTX No add it as I get the site what is the site it is S U ABC that I had it, now what God says verify your ownership of ABC there are two options available for the recommended method the alternate method ,what is the recommended method Google text me very clearly here recommended files upload in HTML part download this email verification file and upload it to your home page of your website that I need to do, what the upload in then immediately it will show hear the message that the site has been verified successfully this is a recommended way the alternate method is actually it will provide me at tag in an HTML tag it can be a domain name provider it could be Google Analytics account.

 It could be a Google tag manager at the option that I choose I am provided with a code what Google says if I choose an HTML tag what Google Tag is copy the meta tag below and paste it in your homepage, it should go into the header part of your home safety before the first body parts action is clearly specified and what is the code that has Google has given me it is this matter name google-site-verification content is actually thus Unicode that Google search console has provided me. What I need to do to verify the website Google has very clearly told that copy this part it is your homepage body part of your just above the header and paste it and upload the updated file to the server, what that part is done Google will display me a message that the site has been successfully verified. What that is done your inside will actually appear here in search console, no this is actually the process how you can actually upload the search results and your website once it is actually verified it will be displayed here as a new property and that can also be tracked by which of the site, you have selected that information will be displayed here with all the features and what is the information is provided in terms of search analytics in terms of place and if there are any issues and concern it will be displayed this is how actually Google search console works. You can add a property, add a website verify the website won the fight is verified Google has identified your website, you as you are the owner and once it is identified the site will be displayed in a Google search account and you keep on logging regularly make sure that you log into your Google search account few days at least twice a week so that you can find out if there are any issues concern challenges that Google has sent you a message and make sure that you know you fix them, so that your website is called regularly index and regularly and website performs well in the search engine know what we have seen is. we have seen live example of Google search console which is Australia called as Google Webmaster to we have logged into an account we have created a property we have seen how Google verify the account what is the information that Google provide to verify the site that side that copy has to be added to your website. The integrated you upset and what is the wealth of information that Google provides you as far as 

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