Outdated SEO Techniques Still Practiced Today 2019

outdated SEO Techniques
outdated SEO Techniques
Today we will discuss the outdated techniques in Search Engine Optimization.
What are the techniques?
How we need to use the techniques?
What is the best technique that we need to use?
What are the best practices?
 It is also important and imperative for all of us to understand what are the outdated technique that you should be avoiding?
best SEO strategies
What are the outer technique that does not exist anymore and these techniques actually do not approve by Google or any other search engines? Now, what is this outdated technique that shut your mouth what are outdated SEO techniques outdated is not interested those that Google does not consider and ranking for increasing the visibility of the website higher in the search engines? Best SEO strategies

All those techniques that Google does not consider as relevant, Google does not consider as important for it to rank higher in the search engines and or increase the visibility of your website in the Search Engine Optimization basic is an evolving process it is never stagnated it's never going to be stopped. What is important for us to understand we need to keep evolving as the new emerging Technologies are techniques keep on emerging inconsistent in consonance with the guidelines of Google as a search engine.
What is the update the Google comes up with regularly as per as implementing certain techniques on the website is concerned to know what is the status basically? Best SEO strategies
Let's check the about these are some of the technique that no longer are relevant no longer should be used and these are actually not relevant anymore in the present age now these techniques press releases, press releases at one point of time say about 8 years back development there are a lot of press releases websites available some of the paid press releases website some of them over free press releases website now when we have a product launch when we have a new website launch Avenue services of Technology Solutions launched.
 Different industries order meals or sector they have a website and they use to submit the press releases to this press releases websites to the paid press releases as well as to the free press release sites no this practice actually is not considered relevant anymore. Submit your site to free press releases website doesn't make any sense at all people habits are meeting them it takes months and months for that press release to appear on both sides it no longer is relevant and you should not be using the press releases website to submit your website to this press releases websites. Best SEO strategies
 Directory submission
directories submission again was actually a huge given huge importance to this directory where is a lot of directors for existing some of the web page directory some of them free directories that is also one of them these directories. Where are basically kind of a huge Yellow Pages Online Yellow Pages where people use to submit their website including the title of the page description of the page URL of the page and what this website is all about what are the services. They are offering and is to submit the websites to Mars that is 200 direct is 150 direct is 200 directories and this that is basically take that information the check it manually by the editors and their prove it appears on that directory website, that is submitted is no longer elevated doesn't make any sense and this is considered activist timing as a part of the search engine guidelines people do submit still people and also say that you know you can submit your site to some of having high Page-rank itself is not relevant now you submit your site considering that directly has a page rank of 6 or 8 or 9 it doesn't mechanism .best SEO strategies
This something that people still use it it may be used it may not be used but preferably avoid submission of your site to directors repeat that it no longer considered good practice.

Social bookmarking again is a huge prospect for most of the Search Engine Optimization professional and they used to use bookmarking as a good practice in off page Optimization off Search Engine Optimization you a lot of bookmarking search delicious flicker and many other site and these sets actually bookmark the tags of the relevant website with the links to the point into the side it was also considered a good practice of previous years ago as far as link building is concerned but bookmarking again is an outdated better than directory submission. Blog submission was a huge kind of a requirement as per as your concern.

 Blog commenting is also one of the factors that actually people use to indulge in doing in a go to a particular blog where they don't even read the block what is blog article is about Andrea leave a comment with the link. Into the sites. Blog submission blog commenting does not exist anymore.
Article submission there are lot many article directories available this article that is basically published articles and different subjects write an article with the title with keywords with the description write an articles give a resource box in the author and mention the other words with the link. Into the set, this was the practice many people use to do they put 8 years ago 10 years ago was a good practice but no longer now.
 Search engine submission again if you submit your site to the search engines are if you don't submit your site to search engines it doesn't make any sense Google or any resurgent will usually crawl the sides do not make any use practice of doing search engine submissions.

Reciprocal linking a bad habit consider nowadays reciprocal linking huge few years ago what is local listing basically means if I have a website my website belongs to a certain industry and I find similar website would belong to the same industry but we are not competitors to each other what we do if we exchange. They used to create a page on the website and the used for resources list. Into each other’s website, it is link exchange it doesn't work anymore don't in the reciprocal link anymore.
Forum posting people use to go to forums and there is to post a comment their submission and again used to get to get the link from forums it doesn't make any sense and these are some of the techniques you should be avoided right now do not indulge in this practices because they do not help your site in any way. best SEO strategies
Why you should avoid this outdated technique that no longer relevant it doesn't make any sense to Google does not give importance to them even if you do it Google does not give any important it is a waste of time and effort they are considered as most of them are considered as spam these techniques are considered wrong practices it no longer there is no longer element is very  possible that the size using this could be penalized every possibility that if you do this kind of technique still implement them how did  where is every possibility that your website could be penalized and you will be facing serious problems with Google and other search engines.

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