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Meta tags seo
Meta tags seo

What are meta tags?
The different types of meta tags.
Why meta tags are important?
How it actually helps the website in ranking High by giving relevant targeted?
Meta tags are also called as metadata there is no difference between them whether you call it metadata or meta tag. The meta tags are elements typically used to specify the page title, description, keywords and the Order of the two names of you what happens when you have a website. there are multiple pages to a website Running into several 100 pages is a page is different from the other page and each page has to be identified with(Meta tags so)
what is this page all about?
what this page describes?
what are the relevant keywords associated with the content of that particular page?

These three are important you can give an author are you can give some more meta tag that is also and good thing but not necessarily always that you have to give lot many meta tags are the three most important crucial critical meta tags are the title, the description and the keywords and each and every page will have a distinctly different its own title its own description and its own keywords. These are actually the meta tags that help this search engine in crawling better and understanding most importantly understanding the pages of the website by giving understanding the keywords related with it no meta tags. Meta tags SEO
For example, I am talking about training on a particular page that it will be alone advanced SEO training tips and tutorials I am using the keyword in the title this is very important use what this page is talking about what is the content of the twist those keywords have to be there in the title at the first. Learn advanced SEO Training it could be Training it could take it to be total and who is provided that the name of the company at the last that is the title and optimize the title because this based off the boat advanced learning SEO along with the tips and tutorials.
Now what is the description that I am providing here for that particular page of a the most researched documented advanced any material on Search Engine Optimization, it has everything it is clear it is elaborate it is to the point and it is decided by giving the keywords related with this is actually description that I have given to that particular page on that place where I am talking about advanced SEO training. Meta tags SEO

Now, what are the keywords I have used in the keywords Article for SEO tips techniques? These are the keywords in normal people associate when they are searching for the training related to this there is the tendency and practice that you need to understand and remember. Here is most of the website publishers or the search engine professionals will do is there actually repeat the word when they are giving the keywords. Let here for example I could have given SEO tips SEO techniques SEO training and SEO tutorial add in the word for tips for training for techniques tutorials that is not a good practice if you give once it is an of don't repeat the word that is associative SEO technique SEO training and SEO tutorial it doesn't make any sense it used to work 10 years ago, no longer works to give once it is enough and search engines understand that is your tips techniques training tutorials this number of keywords is enough for a particular page stuffing of keywords will never walk it used to work for 10 years back it no longer works. Minimum keywords that are related with the particular page which covers everything is enough 4 to 6 keywords maximum of 6 to 8 keywords do not go on stuffing keywords up to the extent of 21 to 25 keywords or 30 keywords to give it if you don't give it doesn't make any sense. I don’t make any difference to the website ranking 5 keywords 6 it's up to 80 words that are perfectly alright and this is a classic example of how is a good title a good description and good given an example of how actually they look like on the website.
Now, this is actually a page on a site Math tutorials the URL the URL clearly mentioned that this page belongs to math’s tutorial and this is actually the URL the URL is very important and this is how we are given. Meta tags SEO
 The second point is what is the heading of this page the heading of the peace talks about Math’s you are at it is exactly the same. What it is there in the URL the URL and the heading are matching very important that you need to implement. When you are doing Search Engine Optimization meta tag the URL and the heading matching the description math’s page the description has to be clear to the point and make sure that you use the relevant keywords and most importantly match the URL with your head in these are extremely crucial factors in optimizing the website with big meta tag
Now the best practices that you can implement in implementing meta tags for your website the length of the title has to be 55 characters this is very important to go to Google type of fertility keyword you will get a list of the website the title of the page has to be restricted 255 characters is not being more than that you can give more than 55 characters it doesn't make any sense. Because whatever the characters that are there after 55 characters. Google truncates that Google removes that only 55 characters can be shown on the Google page search engine in the search engine results page the title has to be up 255 characters the keyword has to be used in the title.
 Meta description length should be 160 character goes up to two or three lines if we go to Google and set the keywords after the title you will see a slide description of two lines that should be of 160 characters described the page clearly what that pages talking about their show that you know the title and description.
these are some of the best practices that you can implement as for a meta tags Meta tags SEO

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