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Email Marketing 2019
Email Marketing 2019

Email marketing
What is email marketing?
Types of email marketing?
What you need to do to have a very good email marketing campaign?

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What is email marketing email?
Marketing basically misusing emails as a marketing tool to send the image to intended customers to disseminate quality information on product services solution of our business important and is considered one of the parts of the of page Optimization in Search Engine Optimization. 

 You are actually sending one email to multiple customer’s multiple client processes to plant providing high-quality information and your disseminating through one single email and you’re running a consistent continuous campaign called email marketing.

 Promoting your products and services solution of business how email marketing works even is used to bulk image collectively to a set of users with one, email to all that is actually the most crucial. You have a database, a database of the email ID of your existing customers it could be prospective customers, it could be different businesses. When you have a setup database the database could be 500 emails or 1000 email address or it could be more 10,000 email IDs is what you are doing is basically you are creating one single email address. All those customers all the users and sending one single email to all the users and that is actually how email marketing works.

 Light company share market is used exclusively email Marketing software suggests autoresponder to send emails large enterprise level companies what do your serious email marketing campaign they don't do it the manual. Bay let you know you prepare the content of the email to get all the email IDs in the email and you give subject line and you send that is actually not the professional way of doing email marketing campaign and more so large and Enterprise level companies they actually use this software specialized email Marketing software also called as autoresponders to automate the entire process of running an excellent email marketing campaign. auto image sends when you have an autoresponder specifically email Marketing software. what happens if they provide the templates that you want to incorporate in your content and they provide you with the kind of information that is needed all the email ID is that you are generating through your website are stored and categories separately and the content and the temperatures are integrated together and you can schedule your email marketing campaigns. When you want to send a what date and what time and whatever the traction happens when the emails sent you can actually track the results of your email marketing campaign in allergic meaning in the sense that you know you have sent about 5,000 emails yesterday and today tomorrow and day after what happens if you can find out how many people actually clicked on the link and open the email and how many people actually clicked on the link and came to your website the entered analytical information also is provided by the autoresponder and that is an important thing when you actually want to measure the success yes of email marketing campaign.

Types of email marketing

Two types one is called the solicited email the second is called the unsolicited emails now what is the difference between a solicited email marketing unsolicited email marketing you have a website that website has a form and enquiry, form of feedback, form that you are asking for the users to register so that you can send valuable information related to the product services. And solutions of your company and when I actually go to a particular website and there is a leave your email ID so that we can send your valuable information and me type my email ID because I like a product that they are telling type my email ID is submit what I am doing a single giving my email id to a particular company for them to send emails to me this is basically called as solicited email marketing.

 I am giving my email ID for a company and they can send me an email because I have requested by giving my email ID to them this is called solicited email marketing because I am a registered potential customer are used for a company and solicited email marketing campaign.
 Unsolicited email marketing in the morning what you see is a lot of emails from people you have never heard of them from somewhere and that I did not request then you actually create the content for it you create the images for YouTube put it in a template and when you define your marketing campaign email marketing campaign before sending it to the customers make sure that you test the campaign. You need to tell the campaign to ensure that you know the alignment of property available the images of displaying properly because uses actually they are still browsing the email to multiple devices it could be laptop it could be desktop it could be a tablet it could be a smartphone. Make sure that will you test the email campaign the email that you are sending to yourself and see whether it is displaying browsing properly across multiple devices send when you send the email campaign email particular email make sure that you know it delivery Simulator 2 bus schedule time date and after you send you actually need to measure and track the email if I have send 10000 email id send one email have sent one email to my potential 10000 customers then I need to track how many of those 10,000 actually open the email, how many actually have to browse through the email and whatever they leave that have provided in the email to my website or a blog? how many people actually click on the link and they came to my website the information need to be electrical information need to be measured and track with images. Track you actually generating a report and that helps you in analyzing whether your marketing campaign for the email marketing campaign is working properly or not and what are the tricks in any investment that you need to do as per your making your email.

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