How to Do a Competitive Analysis in 2019-SEO Agenda

Competitor Research Analysis
Competitor Research Analysis
Today we will discuss competitor Research and Analysis.
 What is competitor Research and Analysis?
 Why we need to do competitor Research and Analysis?
 What are the key elements that you need to incorporate in your competitor research analysis?

 Let's get started with it 

 What is competitor Research and Analysis?
 if you have a business it is obvious that similar business similar products or services are also being offered companies and there also you have a website there are multiple competitors available for the kind of services and solutions of product that you are selling. It is important for you to understand what the computer sites look like, what are the keywords they're using how good is their website and what is the keyboard that they are getting results in the search engine. If their type of you type of keywords with their website is appearing in the first-second-third page and what are the competitor’s website that is appearing in the first page and why they are appearing you need to do analysis and research on your computer.competitor analysis template

 When you are building a website for yourself competitor analysis refers to analysis in the computer in your knowledge of the industry it includes all online media as such as website, blog, social media presence traffic and the keywords you need to do all the analysis.
What is their website? how the website looks like? what are the keywords they are using whether you have the same keywords, the same products and what is their social media presence? how would the presence is in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest is whether they are they are or not and of course the traffic on the keyword, how much traffic their websites are generating and what are the three words that those keywords being generated for traffic in the search engine. competitor analysis template

 These are the factors that you need to do as for as competitor Research and Analysis is concerned key elements of competitive analysis. Now what are the key element that you need to take into consideration, when you are doing analysis of the competitors, where did you find customers for identify to, what are they who are the competitors available in the market, who are actually selling the same product sales services sales solutions as you identify your top competitors, who're the president, whose visibility the search is at the top they are appearing the first second third page identify. Your competitors out there in the market that is number one website analysis once you have a list of competitor.competitor analysis template
 The top competitors are out there in the market?
 Who are very experience and whose website is good and their visibility in the search engines is good?
 You actually do the analysis of those competitors in terms of 
“How good is the website?
How old is the website?
How good is the design of whether the website is responsive or not?
What are the keywords they are using?
How would the URL submit?
How good quality content is there on the website?
 You need to do this analysis back-links for most important. When you have a website the competitor has a website what are the back-links that the competitor website builds back-links upcoming from?
How many back-links are available for those website ranking?
Competitors again what is the rank of those websites across search engines particular in Google?
Who are their competitors?
Competitor traffic analysis.

How much the traffic is being generated by the competitor’s website?
Where the traffic is coming from?
This is something that you can analyze bench-marking competitor when you have a list of 5-6 this month top competitors 3 or 4 and finally narrow done and you a lot of in-depth analysis of those eyes and see how you can improve your website. Competitor analysis component what are the key components of good competitor analysis. Identify current and future competitor. Competitor number one identify who is there and the future competitor that actually come market share. What is the market share of the competitors and what is the market share that you are looking and what is your current market share and how you can improve that performs? competitor analysis template
Analysis strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats are extremely important you identify the strength and weaknesses the opportunities available and the threats and do a comparison chart of your competitor and of your business and of your website builder competition portfolio it is extremely important. You build a Portfolio for the competition that exists out there in the market improve and hazard plan and formulas strategies. When you have a product or service error solution you need to have a business plan and that business plan activates strategize you formulate your business strategy.
 What is a business plan what you need to do how you need to do what are the NGOs that you are sending setting and how are actually you can achieve those Bolt visible the competitor executes the strategies perfectly well and make sure that you do the necessary tweaking and energy Whenever Wherever available? and make sure that you do this strategy implementation follow up once you have a plan once you are implementing make sure that you follow and do the analytics you have a plan your executive the plan how will the plan is going according to the objectives and goals that you have laid down. And follow up and see whether how you can improve and enhance your business that your business strategy so that you can drive more and more traffic. competitor analysis template

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