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What basically Search Engine Optimization is? why what? what is SEO?

what is seo
what is seo

SEO in simple terms is the process of implementing sorted techniques on a website to improve its visibility for relevant keywords in top pages of search engine. Search Engine Optimization is the process of implementing a series of techniques on the website to make sure that the website appears in the top of Google and other search engines. Basically precisely what Search Engine Optimization is all about how are you actually works let's get into it. search engines rank website based on several factors in fact for Google itself Google take into consideration over 200 factors.
 What is the website? to which industry belongs? to what is the use of the website?
 for the website look like in terms of look and feel in terms of User experience, in terms of user interface, in terms of the keywords, in terms of the quality content, in terms of the links. These are some of the factors that Google takes into consideration when ranking a website. But the most important part is the content, the keyword on the links these are extremely important as per as ranking of a website is concerned that need to be optimized to meet suspected, and what is SSL? what we do in SEO? is optimized the website in terms of the content, in terms of the URL, in terms of the images, in terms of the matter originality, and in terms of the links focus more on the content that satisfies and meet the user requirements.

 content is everything the more the high-quality content that you have the better for the website and the better than rankings Google place a lot of emphasis on content that is valuable and beneficial for the user. The more the unique content the better the more the original content the better make sure that the content is of high quality besides in a Google. actually yes you are still going to different factors one is an of course made the search engine guidelines and the second is beneficial information on the website for the uses the most crucial factor. Google and also the search engines provide the guidelines what are these guidelines and how the goods the website to put live look like and what are the factors and that you need to take into consideration in optimizing the website. What are the good and best practices that you need to implement on the website? If you follow these guidelines provided by Google particularly your website will look good and the most important point is meeting beneficial content on the website for the users follow the guidelines. Provide solutions to the user provide services to the user that benefit the user and as long as you have high-quality content of website the traffic will come to your website. Follow the guidelines of the website when these factors that made the website will run and you will follow this practice follow the guide and provide high-value content for the user the traffic will come to your website.

Why SEO is the first place formula of an online business website is equal to traffic? is equal to Leeds? Is equal to customers? and customers is equal to business? when you have a website needs traffic and traffic works like oxygen for the website if there is no traffic the website is as good as dead. The more the traffic the most important factor Unity how you can drive traffic you can drive traffic but optimizing the website by increasing the visibility of the website across search engines that is the most important part in the fundamental formula remains the same. The website is equal to traffic is equal to its base is equal customers is equal to business the more the traffic the more the leads the more the leads the more the customer.

Imagine you have it rich people about 100 people coming to your website today not hundred will become leads at least 10% then will become late out of 10 is not everybody becomes a customer. Then one customer then that if one customer beings to the business the more the traffic the more than it meets the more the customers and the more the customer the more the business this is the fundamental formula of online business when you're having a website to focus on driving traffic.

How you can drive traffic? to drive traffic only through Search Engine Optimization? when you have high-quality content on your website imagine that in around to look at it is you made you a lot of content Optimization human to Search Engine Optimization implement all the techniques is a Search Engine Optimization but the traffic is not coming traffic is not speaking to the site. The reason why because you are not providing high-value content beneficial content just because you are doing yes you don't mean everything and anything if you do not drive traffic to you will only come when they find a benefit on your website. The content is what actually benefits that uses and the content actually drive the traffic to your website for 80% of traffic comes from search engines are asleep can oxygen of course websites need to brand and high search engine and SQL ranking SEO will help in ranking but the country is actually what drives and content marketing is basically a part of the SEO.

Some of the technique that actually are the two types of techniques one is on-page optimization second is off page optimization both are called as White hat invite had we have two kinds of technique on page optimization and off-page optimization in the Black hat. We have got some other techniques to make sure never ever indulge in Black hat SEO which is like hidden content locking and Odd pages this will never work in your site could be banned in

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