How to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Blog?

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Blog
How to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Blog

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Blog?
Today I am going to tell you how to get high traffic to your website?

If you are doing blogging or if you have a website the main thing you want to bring traffic. Without traffic your website id useless even it has valuable content.

You are here because you have a hope that my blog will gain traffic or website will get traffic so I will be able to sell anything or it may source of my income and you want to do this organically because you are a starter and you have no more money to spend to grow your business at high level so just you have to do is organically.
Here today I will share some tips that will help you to bring traffic to the website.

In the start, there is a small size of the visitor of your blog and you should capture the user’s email addresses so that you can use this email for later marketing techniques. There are many free email services which allow you to capture   and free email sending like Mail Chimp, Email Octopus, Sumo you can send up to 2000 emails and if you want to collect emails then you can use Hello Bar which free initially but you can get its paid version also but in my opinion use free version initially and integrate this tool in your blog or website. Using this tip, you can get more subscriber in less time frame.

Another tip is to sends notification you can engage your user and can send offers when they open your site or blog if they allow your notification when you will post a new product or post a notification will be sent to their browser automatically. There are many services which provide you free of costs like where you have to sign up and use their services and integrate into your site or blog.
How to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Blog?) 
When users find the new and new notification in the browser they will create a positive image that this blog is working regularly and someday he will start reading your posts.
Another tip is, if you want an initial boost of your post then use 2.0 links what are these links? When you share your post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, mix etc. the link created is called 2.0 link. Even you have old posts share it on social media and creates your 2.0 links regularly. But you know it’s not an   activity that you want to share 3 to 4 time your different posts in a week it will be harder for you to go each social media account and login then place post, So I will suggest you use a tool “Buffer” by this you can manage your posts that which time your post should be on which media.

Create your page’s different social media platforms and update them regularly at least 2 times a week and share your all work there. By doing this you will get generic links and user will visit the page that definitely gives a crawl in search engines and increase your Page authority and Domain authority, as well as your ranking, will be improved.
by this method, you can Get More Traffic to Your Website and Blog

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