What are Keywords in SEO? How to become on Top of The Search?

What are Keywords in SEO
What are Keywords in SEO

What are Keywords in SEO?
How to become on Top of The Search? 
Any word comes as in my mind because it's my requirement so whatever I am searching for. This actually is really a Keyword now this keyword and search in Google will represent me a page that will showcase all the companies who’s actually dealing in website development in a particular City that is in London. 

You can find out I have placed a Keyword and it has only a complete reason page where I can find different companies main showcase over here now the reason behind this company that is www.example.com is coming on top of the search engine result, because that it has well as SEO optimized contained images links, titles, Description and keywords, and all the things been placed over here is done well as you optimize in order. So that whenever user search for any keyword that is website development because that's development is their product is there to text product so I search for website development. Google has represented London page on that it has a present www.example.com as a top company so this website as well as you optimize real purpose of lead is to make a website contain rich with a specific keyword which a normal user search for so that it can come on top. Reasons for can get a higher ranking in search engine like Google Yahoo and Bing why we use as you as a given you a brief introduction that tells you is being used so that you can get your product on business higher on the search engine like Google Yahoo and Bing and other. Reasons are like increase visibility of search engine like say I have drafted a search that is a website development company in London so Google has told me this reason. 

When these websites are doing good in SEO and placing good content good keywords related to the product that bringing them in order of search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing and making them as a coming on top of the search engine. For that is the real one reason other reasons are like getting more traffic on your website now what this term stand what disturbs traffic sense for the number of users who actually visit your website. Now like say I was a normal user can I search for a website development company in London? and I've been placed to this website to this page? and I get to update for this website? and I landed on this website that is the best www.example.com so this website has done a proper as you proper technique have to use proper technique of SEO in that contain keywords meta title, meta tags and everything so that makes this website coming top of the search result in what a normal user going to do they and they will go to see the first coming results. Because in their opinion that will be a good brand so what this website is being come on the top of the search. Once I landed on this website I'm a user to this website and am increasing the traffic so I'm actually an ideal used for this line for this website so like me many people will going to search for a different keywords of this website’s products and their going to land on this website, so whatever the number of users going to land on this website is actually considered as traffic. This website in generating coming back to the use of important aspect is to convert a local business into international business.
The main theme is "What are Keywords in SEO? How to become on Top of The Search "

 Now coming back to this website running and online this object is running and company in London. Now they have a good website with good content with good as your purpose keywords been optimized and everything now they coming top on the result. Now what they are doing they have already branded their value on the international market for user search from anywhere and search for a specific City this result page will going to appear on the top result which showcases this website is branding is value on internet market higher around the international market. Branding importance used an easy way to show your business and broad. 

A good brand for a normal user, if a website for a company coming on the top search engine reason it actually means for me as a good brand for a good company to deal with so that I can trust them and I can offer them my requirement and get it done next comes to discuss the SEO process as you process is actually about many objects. Like Business goal target keyword analysis on page Optimization off page Optimization submit website search engine and monitor and maintain the complete cycle is stand for SEO process. Now, what is a business goal or target like we take an example of double used to detect that is a website company and so what is their achievement of the target achieve this goal is that in order to achieve a good ranking on search engine and get a good exposure on the international market? So this company has already made their business goal and the target is a goal was that in order to come on top of the search engine vision and target is to achieve the right of the ideal client searching for a website development company in particular City that is London. So this is that they have achieved they have placed the goal in wise men and they are coming on the top of the search engine result analysis was that which I have searched for that is website development company, they have used by keyword in a proper way so that the user comes on this page. They can find out the right keyword, and they can use and land on the website and get the purpose folder on page Optimization as use actually about to process on-page and off-page Optimization. Nothing comes to submit the website on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing so that it can come in the greater than strings can capture the information being placed on the website and can be played in a while minute to a normal user who was actually searching for the keyword.
In conclusion, the Proper keyword and proper title meta tags etc are so important to include in the website page.

What are Keywords in SEO? How to become on Top of The Search?

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Blog?

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Blog
How to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Blog

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Blog?
Today I am going to tell you how to get high traffic to your website?

If you are doing blogging or if you have a website the main thing you want to bring traffic. Without traffic your website id useless even it has valuable content.

You are here because you have a hope that my blog will gain traffic or website will get traffic so I will be able to sell anything or it may source of my income and you want to do this organically because you are a starter and you have no more money to spend to grow your business at high level so just you have to do is organically.
Here today I will share some tips that will help you to bring traffic to the website.

In the start, there is a small size of the visitor of your blog and you should capture the user’s email addresses so that you can use this email for later marketing techniques. There are many free email services which allow you to capture   and free email sending like Mail Chimp, Email Octopus, Sumo you can send up to 2000 emails and if you want to collect emails then you can use Hello Bar which free initially but you can get its paid version also but in my opinion use free version initially and integrate this tool in your blog or website. Using this tip, you can get more subscriber in less time frame.

Another tip is to sends notification you can engage your user and can send offers when they open your site or blog if they allow your notification when you will post a new product or post a notification will be sent to their browser automatically. There are many services which provide you free of costs like pushcrew.com where you have to sign up and use their services and integrate into your site or blog.
How to Get More Traffic to Your Website and Blog?) 
When users find the new and new notification in the browser they will create a positive image that this blog is working regularly and someday he will start reading your posts.
Another tip is, if you want an initial boost of your post then use 2.0 links what are these links? When you share your post on social media like Facebook, Twitter, mix etc. the link created is called 2.0 link. Even you have old posts share it on social media and creates your 2.0 links regularly. But you know it’s not an   activity that you want to share 3 to 4 time your different posts in a week it will be harder for you to go each social media account and login then place post, So I will suggest you use a tool “Buffer” by this you can manage your posts that which time your post should be on which media.

Create your page’s different social media platforms and update them regularly at least 2 times a week and share your all work there. By doing this you will get generic links and user will visit the page that definitely gives a crawl in search engines and increase your Page authority and Domain authority, as well as your ranking, will be improved.
by this method, you can Get More Traffic to Your Website and Blog

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How to Find Trending Topic for Your Blog 2019?

 Trending topics
Trending topics

How to Find Trending Topic for Your Blog 2019
There is craze of trending topics in the world because I've been using Google Trends what's take a look at it today on the road what are the challenges that I and other content creators face is looking so that the topics that we are interested in sharing of art community or of interesting to our community and the way what we can do that is by staying on top of some different research to know one of the most valuable research tools I think you also it true research to call Google trend you can find it just by looking up Google trends in Google and depending on where you are when you open Google Trends it will bring you to screen I look so much like this which taxable trending stories in the basic to start a new Geographic area no this is based on what people are looking for in Google what's happening in stretched to you know how are you going to the revenue going to the search. 
How to Find Trending Topic for Your Blog 2019
Mistake typing in have things are of all this kind of similar to that this is the most relevant search terms of things that are happening in Google what are people working for right now because I am waste in Canada right now the use of the stories Reddit trending at this moment this is in all categories who think about this is weekend structure that down and roll all the people.

 we can say since I am not interested or categories necessarily I am IPL but still not happening in Science and Technology I can go inside Jaguar people searching for any particular time in the technology area during Canada Button Soniye live in Canada but you smoke my audience live in Canada so what's in state change the criteria here and let's see what's the requested in in Science and technology in United States and now we start getting some other stories of the number one side is Apple empowerment you why I don't want you know because it and it rains of the reason in this particular Kesari is an affair with Bob Mansfield’s taking over an apple car projects of people at starting to look into that when you can see that the nails problem just drop very recently and I was sending it starting to train the saurus which interested so this allows you to basically look exactly what people working for involving at this moment now what is this fit in the content creation Universal of writing a blog creating a video in your wondering in my beard juggling Arabic beautiful topics  I want to write about a rectangular you want to take you can use this to all to determine what's going to resonator most with the largest number of people on this is the general this is unnecessary just your audience so you have to understand by your audience is looking for is well but it does give you a good idea your kind of diving in and what you from the perspective now you can also going and you can start to explore in more detail for example even doorala on Evernote so I can't type in every night and let's see what happening with the theorem Evernote now you see here how browser Win 7 OS as a switch turn over time this is really valuable by let's see how valuable this is what I compare it with you darling on the Notepad Universal women doing lot of videos on one notice well so with compare what happening in people search between even odd one out so that are there in one we do that look what we get to see how much sweating is being done in one over BC is over time that one doubt is closing the gap right now to the point that is being search for a lot more to find thinkable to everyone know maybe on this gives me a lot of feedback is to.

 What people are most interested in this particular moment in its strength training because of a guitar by regions another type you know you can take it driving deepen if you want to be a total there in that you can propagate incredible ideas for result of information I am searching for but for you and I just disability what's trending what people thinking about what you talking about in what's the most popular topics on any one time rather than just looking in the news you can see what's trending.
How to Find Trending Topic for Your Blog 2019