what is forum posting in seo 2019

Forum Posting in seo
Forum Posting in SEO

forum posting in SEO 2019
Today we are going to discuss Forum posting of our website
Forum posting is a tool used in SEO techniques. It gives you dofollow links and keeps in mind the pages in Forum are indexed in a search engine like Google, Bing etc. that definitely bring high traffic to your website.
Forum posting is in which you take part in the discussion at a particular topic and also you can post your views and replies. Keep in mind just you should take part in a related topic where you can put your anchor text or and keyword title and site link also if it allows you to submit your link.
Google will prefer your site if you have a high PR link. And within a short period of time, you can rank yourself in the search engine.
Keep some point when you are choosing forums
1-it should be related to your niche so that Google will prefer your page
2-Select the Forum that has high traffic of your required niche.
3-Select the Forum which have high PR otherwise you will have a low PR link which will be not more beneficial as you need.
The most important thing is you have to create new Thread instead of replying the existed threads.
Choose the topic that has the most popular which you think people will take part in the discussion.  
Find the discussion forums and submit your new thread or reply to related posts or topics. The Thread is also being like the post but in Forum it’s called Thread.
the main purpose of forum posting is because the Forum websites are high-Rank sites and you know very well that just one link on high PR site is better than the 30 to 50 links on non-PR sites.

So that Forum posting is too much important.
There are many ways on the internet that you can share your views and ask something about niche but the Forum posting is more important than other methods.

This technique is considered too old but I think I found it very beneficial for me and definitely it works in the best way. Those who consider it old I will suggest they will miss one important point that I am focusing on.  Here is the easiest way I think to get a high PR link.

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