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Benefits of Blogging

boosting of your content by making free blogs is the best way to promote your content free and time-saving.
when you make a site it required a hosting and domain which have sufficient cost to run it and also you will have to pay development cost of a website. But when you create a blog on different free services they provide you with a free domain name which is mix name of them and free hosting. The company like or
it just has some extra extension but they will give you a free domain and free hosting for life and also they are giving you free development tools which automatically create your site according to your need.
when you think I should move to you can easily upgrade it by paying some amount which is different for different services.
The main thing of the topic is to create free blogs and update your content like article, video, audio, infographic etc. And these free blogging services are high PR sites where most of the readers regularly visit to get knowledge so here your site link will have a beneficial link and will increase your traffic as well as will increase the authority of domain and pages.

some are famous free blogging services like.

(The Top 10 Benefits of Blogging On Your Website )
In these all services, first of all, you have to create account and then confirm your account by email and then an auditor of web development is shown most of them provide free good looking templates  which are already complete websites just you have to put your data and then step by step guide tells you the next step what to do and easily you can put your content of text, audio, video, infographic etc. and then you can publish this content and then they ask you to choose a name of a new site when you select a name they publish your content and now you have a new blog or site which will support you to boost your original website.
Most of these services give you custom domain option where you can buy a domain from any website which is cheap it can be in just 1 dollar like GoDaddy or Bluehost etc. you can buy a domain and set domain on to your blog this will change the thinking of free site in front of users.
I just now summaries the benefits of creating blogs and using these free services
1-it will increase your website's traffic (because all related data like keyword title description are most of the time are used related to your original site.)
2-it will support your brand to market create a positive image of the brand
3-it also increase the Leads if you have product based site
4-you can use here your long tail keywords which are more beneficial for ranking.
5-By doing this your inbound links will be created.
6-it can build your conversation rate because you are now in many places.
7-it improve your authority.

8-it will differentiate you by your competitors.

9-prove your presence 

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